The items listed below are lease requirements

  • Proof of $100,000 non-trucking liability insurance. Tri-State is to be listed as an interested party. Your recruiter will have the details.
  • Escrow is as follows:
            Tractors and straight trucks $1000.00
            Cargo vans $500.00
            Qualcomm $250.00
            Trailers $500.00
            All are payable through settlement deduction.

  • Workers Comp or Occupational Accident Insurance. The accident insurance must be approved before acceptance. Your recruiter will have details.
  • You must have a weight scale ticket 3 months old or less.
  • You must have the original vehicle registration. If over 26,000 GVW you should have an IRP Plate for 48 states and Canadian Provinces if qualified for Canada.
  • Your original annual DOT inspection that includes the name and address where the inspection was performed.
  • Your truck must meet all specifications.

        All vehicles must have DOT approved safety requirements    
  • Triangles: Placard holders for vehicles with hazmat endorsement
  • Fire extinguisher that has a UL Rating of 10B, C or more with gauge.
  • Load securement devices:
                    Vans: 2 straps, 1 load lock
                    Trucks: Safety legs, 4 straps, 2 E track 4 load bars; Tractors: 4 ratchet straps, 4 E track 4 load bars
  • Plywood should be mounted on the floors of cargo vans.
  • Operators should be able to determine that the vehicle is safely loaded.
  • Operators should know how to block, brace and tie down cargo.

  • For owners that are going to be a qualified operator, all items on the operators checklist also needs to be completed.

    Dimensions and other specifications
  • Vans: minimum of 9 cargo space and the ability to haul 3000 pounds.
    Two rows of E track mounted in the plywood of the floor. The E track should not be higher than the plywood. Load lock bars are required for the E track.
    Plywood is to cover the cargo area front to back and should be fastened to the floor

  • Straight trucks 2-3 axles: door opening of 88 x 88 inches. Minimum two rows of E track. Dock high, which must be 48 inches from ground to box floor.
    DOT approved sleeper

  • Tractors must have DOT approved sleepers.
  • Old signs should be removed prior to attending orientation. Signs and numbers will be applied to all vehicles at the Tri-State facility. No exception
  • Qualcomm communication that Tri-State will install. A working cell phone with voicemail access.
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